Smoking Hot Babes Present:



Meet La Toya. She is badass. Consequently, because of this badass-ness, La Toya also seems to be a Kleptomaniac. Her most impressive steal to date, was a goldfish from the aquarium a the local Pub. The planning that went into this steal was second to none, and 'Billie' her new best friend lasted at least two days back at home in her water bottle. Unfortunately, unlike La toya, Billie struggled to swim in Goon. Other notable steals have been Basketballs from Time Zone, and an entire collection of Good Sammies bin items (fav item: Size 2 children's Skivvy) to which she proceeded to wear into the Night-club, before finishing with a world class baby freeze. La Toya practices crumping in the bathroom mirror when brushing her teeth at night. Like we said. BADASS.