Smoking Hot Babes Present:



This is Ophelia. She is a private investigator. She has been hired by a woman named Ethel, to follow her fiancé around. She thinks he's having an affair. Normally this would be a straight forward job, but GET THIS. 

Ethel's fiancé (some NASA guy) IS having an affair (surprise surprise) and HE HAS HIRED OPHELIA to investigate the woman he's sleeping with (Luella) to see if her 'Quantum Physics' credentials are reliable.

Poor Ophelia. How is she supposed to tell Ethel that her NASA fiancé is having an affair with her sister who is not a quantum physics professor, but in fact a whorish hairdresser?

More importantly, how is she going to tell Ethel that she is more concerned with her fiancé's 'NASA' credentials, for believing that the dye on Luella's fingers is not hair dye, but in fact 'physics dye'. Umm. Pretty sure that doesn't exist.